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Plenary Lecturers:

Professor Sir Harry Kroto FRS, Nobel Laureate, University of Sussex, UK:
Some New Insights in to the Mechanisms of Fullerene and Nanotube Formation

Professor Simon Gaskell, The University of Manchester, UK:
The contribution of mass spectrometry to the bio-sciences

Core Conference Themes:

Frontiers in the analysis of semiconductor materials

Wilfried Vandervorst, IMEC, Belgium:
Nanoscale semiconductor technologies - the challenge for SIMS

Paul Ronsheim, IBM, USA:
Depth profiling for emerging semiconductor materials

Joe Bennett, International SEMATECH, USA:
Raporteur for Session on advanced dielectric materials

Yuji Kataoka, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd, Japan:
Ultrashallow depth profiling by using SIMS and Ion Scattering Spectroscopy

New developments of SIMS in nano- and bio-technology

Klaus Wittmaack, GSF, Germany:
SIMS of Nanoparticles

Patrick Bertrand, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium:
A review of SSIMS for analysis of molecular conformation and orientation

Advances in the analysis of organics

Arnaud Delcorte, Université Catholique de Lovain, Belgium:
Matrix Enhanced SIMS

Michael Karas, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University of Frankfurt:
Why MALDI works – From Hypotheses to Experimental Evidence

Lu-Tao Weng, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology:
SSIMS analysis of organics, polymer blends and interfaces

Andreas Wucher, University of Essen, Germany:
A fundamental review of organic ion emission using cluster ion beams

Advances in data interpretation

Matt Wagner, Proctor and Gamble Inc., USA:
The application of multivariate analysis techniques to SIMS data

Satoka Aoyagi, Shimane University, Japan:
Mutual Information Theory for Biomedical Applications

SIMS using polyatomic primary beams

Session organized by Nicholas Winograd, Penn State University, USA

Advances in theoretical modelling

Barbara Garrison, Penn State University, USA:
Atoms, Clusters and Photons: Energetic Probes for Mass Spectrometry


SIMS XV 15th Annual Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Conference
September 12-16th 2005, Manchester, UK

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