Updated on Jan.15, 2007

Exhibition will be held at the part of the Interchange Hall (BF1 in Ongakudo) where attendees take refreshments during breaks between scientific sessions. Exhibitors can have opportunities to display their latest products, technology and services to participants for SIMS conference as well as for ALC conference.
The conference committee will go into details about booth information after planning a hall layout.

If you are interested in the exhibition as an exhibitor, please contact Ms. Kazue Shingu, Nano Science Corporation (
kshingu@nanoscience.co.jp). If you have business dealings with an agent, trading company or dealer in Japan, they may serve as your contact for receiving exhibition information.

Tentative exhibition plan
Tentative exhibition period: October 29 1:00 pm to November 1 8:00 pm, 2007.
Venue: Interchange Hall (BF1) in Ishikawa Ongakudo (same as Poster Session)