Plenary and Invited Speakers

Last Update May 25, 2007

-- Plenary--

D.G. Castner
"ToF-SIMS Characterization of Biological Materials: Recent Advances and Future Challenges"

W. Vandervorst
"Semiconductor Profiling with very high depth resolution : challenges and solutions"

-- Biomaterials--

H.F. Arlinghaus
"Possibilities and Limitations of High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Life Sciences"

J.A. Gardella
"SIMS and Surface Chemistry of Polymeric Biomaterials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering"

T.G. Lee
"Gold nanoparticle-enhanced SIMS and its bio-applications"

-- D-SIMS: Shallow Depth Profiling--

M. Juhel
"Shallow depth profiling of dopants in silicon using sub-500eV cesium beams"

A.T.S. Wee
"Ultralow-energy SIMS for shallow semiconductor depth profling"

-- D-SIMS: Comparison with Other Techniques --

B. Deconihout
"3D Imaging of materials at the atomic scale with atom probe tomography assisted by femtosecond laser pulsed"

S. Corcoran
"SIMS methods in complementary analysis of semiconductor materials"

P. Ronshiem
"Complementary Methods for Device Characterization: D-SIMS and Tomographic Atom Probe"

-- D-SIMS: Quantification --

F. Stevie
"Challenges in Quantitative SIMS Depth Profiling"

M. Bersani
"Quantification of ultra shallow junction profiling in micro-nanoelectronics"

-- Fundamentals --

H.M. Urbassek
"Molecular-dynamics simulation of sputtering by atom and cluster bombardment"

J. Matsuo
"Challenges and prospects for cluster SIMS"

B. Garrison
"Fundamentals of Cluster Bombardment"

-- Imaging --

R.M.A. Heeren
"Imaging biomolecules at surfaces: SIMS and MALDI combined"

Mitsutoshi Setou
Impact of Mass Microscopy in Biomedical Research

-- Organic Depth Profiling --

A. Delcorte
"On the road to 3 D molecular imaging"

G. Gillen
"Mechanisms, Applications and Interpretation of Molecular Depth Profiles by SIMS"

-- Cluster Ion Beam --

Y. Fujiwara
"Cluster SIMS using metal cluster complex ions"

O. Lapre'vote
"Biological imaging with TOF-SIMS and primary cluster ion beams"

-- Data Processing --

M.S. Wagner
"Making the Most of Your Images: Towards Quantitative Molecular Imaging with ToF-SIMS"

-- New Ionization Methods --

J.H. Scrivens
"Enhanced information from ambient mass spectrometry experiments"

-- Instrumentation --

M. Ishihara
"Construction of a Multi-turn TOF mass analyzer for a High Performance Imaging System"

N. Smith
" A New High Brightness Source For NanoProbe Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry"

-- Geo/Cosmochemistry --

M. Ito
"Isotopic images of the stardust and meteorite samples by the NanoSIMS 50L"

-- Polymers / Organics --

L.-T. Weng
"Recent advances in TOF SIMS analysis of copolymers and polymer blends"

J.F. Watts
"Probing the Interfacial Chemistry of Polymer/Metal Systems with ToF-SIMS"

-- Semiconductors --

J. Lee
"Investigations of Semiconductor Devices using SIMS - Diffusion, Contamination, Process Control"

M. Tomita
"Accuracy of depth calibration in shallow junction depth profiling"

-- Applications --

A. Spool
"Mapping Hard Magnetic Recording Disks by TOF-SIMS"

-- Discussion Day --

Session 1 - Discussion on Fundamentals
Chair: P. Williams
Keynote speakers: K. Hiraoka and A. Wucher

Session 2 - Discussion on Bio-imaging
Chair: J. Vickerman
Keynote speaker: S. Boxer