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AVS Endorsed Technical Conference

SIMS XVII is being jointly organized by The University at Buffalo (New York, USA), The University of Toronto (Toronto, ON) and The University of Western Ontario (London, ON).

SIMS Student Awards

The following students have been selected for the SIMS Research Award for
Student Paper Presented at the Conference
. The award will be presented September 15, 2009.

Michael Eller Real-time localization of single C60 impacts with correlated secondary ion detection
Anastassia Filenkova Use of ToF-SIMS Imaging to Follow Distribution of Ink Components
Jennifer Fitzgerald Matrix Enhanced Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ME SIMS) Using Ionic Liquid Matrices
Robyn Goacher Cluster Primary Ions vs. Monatomic Primary Ions: Differences in Secondary Cluster Ion Yields, Depth Resolutions, and Relative Sensitivity Factors for Inorganic Material Analysis.
Andreas Herrmann Optimisation and comparing of depth profiling in GaAs and GaSb with TOF-SIMS
Ingela Lanekoff An In Situ Fracture Device to Image Lipids in Single Cells Using ToF-SIMS
Yiu-Ting Richard Lau Study of polymer chain folding by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry
Libing Li Optimisation of FIB-SIMS by development of yield enhancement strategies
Prateek Maheshwari Surface Analysis of Nb Materials for SRF Cavities
Shin Muramoto On the way to optimal 3D molecular imaging with ToF-SIMS: A comparison between C60 single beam and Bin/C60 dual beam depth profiling 
Chuong Nguyen TOF-SIMS Studies of Intercalcated Gibbsites
Jiwon Park ToF-SIMS Analysis of Myocardial Infarcted Tissue
Melissa Passarelli Lipid analysis of tissue, cell and thin films using SIMS and MALDI 
Paul Piehowski Sub-Micrometer Biological Imaging with ToF-SIMS: Measuring Lipid Domains at Single Cells
Aneesh Prabhakaran Secondary Ion Yield Enhancement in organic samples due to the Au/Pt nanoparticle condensation and their substrate effects.
Matthieu Py Investigation of fullerene depth distribution in polymer-fullerene blends using ToF-SIMS
Oscar AntonioRestrepo Gutierrez Molecular dynamics study of metal-organic samples bombarded by kiloelectronvolt projectiles
Fouad Wahoud Origin of the oscillatory phase during Cs+ sputtering of organic materials




SIMS XVII Conference Secretariat: Ron Dewar - Meeting Management Services - (905) 335-7993 or (800) 625-7925 -

SIMS XVII Conference Co-Chairs: Dr. Joseph Gardella, Jr., University at Buffalo
Dr. Rana Sodhi
, University of Toronto
Dr. Leo Lau, University of Western Ontario