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PRESENTATIONS FROM SIMS XVIII, September 18-23, 2011    Trentino, Italy

Nick Winograd, Penn State University, SIMS XVIII
SIMS Fundamentals ZIP  354MB Ionization, Ionization and Ionization ZIP  1.6MB
Quantification ZIP  313kb Molecular Depth Profiling ZIP  14.9MB
2-D and 3-D Imaging ZIP  89.6MB Instrumentation ZIP  4.9MB
Plenary Section Lecture, SIMS XVIII PDF 192kb  
Prof. John Vickerman, Surface Analysis Research Center, Manchester UK, SIMS XVIII
3D Molecular Bio-imaging using SIMS hype or real prospect? ZIP 35MB
Fred Stevie, North Carolina State University, SIMS XVIII
Depth Profiling PDF 2.56MB Quantification PDF  896KB
Insulators & Residual Gases PDF  372KB Instrumentation PDF  1.04MB
Ultra Shallow Analyses PDF 804KB Applications PDF  1.43MB
Dynamic SIMS Analysis Day, Damiano PDF  2.05MB  

Ian Gilmore, National Physical Laboratory UK, SIMS XVIII

Surface mass spectrometry of organics and nano-objects
Part I - Instrument optimisation and practical analysis PDF 4MB
Part 3 -Analysis of nano-objects PDF 6MB

A Guide to the Practical Use of Multivariate Analysis in SIMS PDF 3MB



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History of Magnetic Sector SIMS

Charles A. Evans, Jr., PhD, Evans Analytical Group

Some Theories (& History) of Sputtered Ion Formation

Peter Williams, Arizona State University

History of Static SIMS

Nicholas Winograd, Penn State University

History of Quad SIMS

Charles W. Magee, Chief Scientist, Evans Analytical Group

Graph of Past Attendance

at International SIMS Meetings